Cable support systems

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Metal hose

In our time of progress and the latest technology, the problem of protecting electrical wiring and various cables during their installation has been very successfully solved. The solution was a metal hose for cable, which is successfully used in the installation of wiring, telephone lines and many others.
The metal hose is a kind of flexible pipe structure, usually made of galvanized steel. This material is not subject to corrosive effects, and therefore is the most reliable way to protect all kinds of cables, as well as electrical wiring from various kinds of mechanical damage.
In addition, the metal hose for electrical wiring and cable maximally protects it from the effects of environmental factors and is a shielding layer from electromagnetic radiation and radio interference.
Another positive feature is that the metal hose prevents a fire that is possible during a short circuit. Also, this “flexible pipeline” in industry is used to transport various bulk materials and steam (in this case, ventilation systems are meant).

Corrugated pipe
One of the simplest, but at the same time, brilliant inventions of mankind is a corrugated pipe (corrugated pipe). Why is she so wonderful?
A corrugated pipe is a pipe with a variable cross section. Short sections with thin walls and small diameter alternate with areas with thicker walls and large diameter. At the same time, the thick-walled sections provide the pipe with rigidity in the transverse direction and the ability to withstand shocks and stresses, while the thin-walled sections allow the pipe to bend at virtually any angle and even stretch within limits depending on the type and overall length of the pipe.
Gofrotruba can be metal, but most often it is made of plastic. The flexibility and durability of corrugated tubes have determined its wide distribution: it is used in the air ducts of ventilation and exhaust systems, in plumbing to connect drain siphons with sewage, and in air conditioners for condensate drainage. And for the installation of cable wiring lines and various other networks using special electrical corrugated pipe (corrugation) of PVC.

Cable channel
The cable channel is a special box that is used to create protection for different types of wiring. The box is made in the form of a profile made of aluminum or plastic. If you are going to conduct open wiring, it is best to hide it in plastic boxes.
Wiring should not spoil the appearance, stand out. All installation work is done during repair or construction.

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